Jumpig Castle Safety Rules

Important Safety Rules for Inflatable Party Equipment:

  • Inflatables require a relatively flat area, away from sticks, rocks, sharp objects, fire, braai’s, buildings. Do not place under low roofs or trees. No Smoking on the Inflatable.
  • If children are constantly knocking into each other, the inflatable is overcrowded
  • Don’t put children with different ages / size on the same castle, to avoid larger children injuring smaller ones.
  • All Children must remove sharp articles, objects or items, which may potentially damage the Inflatable or injure other children
  • Children should not climb on the walls, or jump at the entrance. The item should be used in a safe and appropriate manner. Any rough or dangerous behavior (such as tackling, somersaults & flips etc.) on the Inflatable must not be allowed. No food, sweets or drinks allowed on the inflatable.
  • Children are to be supervised by adults above 18 at all time, this requires maintaining a close physical presence at all time.
  • Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted on the unit at any time.
  • No Persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotic’s or strong medication are allowed on the Inflatables.
  • Power leads or use of electricity must be set up and maintained in a safe manner.
  • Ensure the set up place do have a trip switch or and earth leakage in a safe working condition from were electricity supply comes from.
  • Children must not go near the blower and must be prevented from touching power chords. Wires needed to power the castle must be insulated and earthed. Blower must not be set up on wet grass on nearby water (were the blower can fall into water).
  • In case of rain, bad weather or strong winds, all children must be vacated off the inflatable and the power of the blower must be switched off. Don’t leave the blower in the rain.
  • In the event that the blower loses power, keep everyone calm and instruct children to slowly exit the castle.
  • As soon as our products leave our premises it becomes the responsibility of the hirer, where and how the castle is used.

We will not accept any responsibility for any injury / damage caused to anyone using this equipment.

Use at own risk.