Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. No inflatable/s will be released unless full payment is made. No inflatable/s will be released without positive identification of the Hirer
  2. The Hirer shall not at any time misrepresent, hire out, lend or in any other way trade the inflatable. All inflatables rented, always remain the exclusive property of Bloemfontein Jumping Castles
  3. The Hirer hereby acknowledges that it is necessary to have a responsible adult in attendance to supervise children at all times an undertakes to ensure strict compliance herewith simultaneously indemnifying the owners against any claim that may be made against the owner arising out of any damage or injury sustained by any person utilizing the inflatable and motor.
  4. Although every effort is made by Bloemfontein Jumping Castles to ensure the safety of the equipment, the Hirer assumes liability and is responsible to notify users that the inflatables is used entirely at their own risk.
  5. Bloemfontein Jumping Castles does not accept any responsibility for loss, damage or injury to any person/s or property whatsoever.
  6. The hirer undertakes to ensure that the electrical power supply is well earthed and the earth leakage is in full working condition. Bloemfontein Jumping Castles will not be held responsible if the earth leakage is not fully operational.
  7. No persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or strong medication are allowed on the inflatables.
  8. All inflatable/s is to be positioned on a flat surface, preferable on grass and is clear of any animal droppings.
  9. No shoes, food, sharp objects or pets are to be allowed on the inflatables.
  10. No streamers or face paint may be allowed on or near the inflatable. These party accessories stain the inflatables. The Hirer will be responsible should the inflatable be returned stain damaged.
  11. Should it start raining whilst the inflatable is operational, switch off the blower fan immediately and pack away all electrical accessories. Do not operate the fan and inflatable in the rain. Under no circumstances may the blower fan be left out in the rain.
  12. No persons are allowed to play with or near the blower fan. The blower fan must not be left outside overnight.
  13. Any damage incurred to the inflatable/s whilst in possession of the Hirer will be payable by the Hirer.
  14. Deposits and payments will not be refunded due to bad weather or unexpected events.
  15. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the inflatable/s are returned on time. A levy of R25.00 per hour will be levied for all late returns.
  16. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to arrange extension cables/power leads, supply water outlets and hose pipes and the necessary fittings for the water units.